Team Raffee Co. Defender Station Wagon 1/10 Hard Body D110 w/ Plastic Seats for TRC-D110

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  • This is a very realistic Defender D110 Station Wagon truck 1/10 hardbody kit. This body is for the Boom Racing BRX02. This body has the floor panels pre-cut to fit the BRX02 transmission.

    Comes with all internals including new plastic front and rear seats. Body structure is made of very strong and thick ABS material that is robust. Includes body, instruction manual, and all internals.

    This body includes the updated TRC interior front and rear plastic seats which significantly reduces the weight. The plastic seats are easier to paint than the previous rubber seat version and the paint will hold better.

    Body details:
    • Dashboard
    • All four doors can be opened for realism
    • Front hood and rear door panel can be opened
    • Foldable sideview mirrors
    • Door cards
    • Window wipers
    • Floor panel
    • Center console
    • Door handles
    • Doorsteps
    • Gearstick
    • Hand brake
    • Steering wheel
    • Rearview mirror
    • Foot pedals
    • Seats: Front & Rear (molded hard plastic, black) #TRC/302754
    • Material: Hard Plastic ABS
    • Body fenders
    • Windows
    • Front grill
    • Scale light buckets

    • Overall Length  -  523mm
    • Width  -  213.5mm
    • Height  -  174mm
    • Wheelbase  -  334mm

    *Decals included

    The body comes as a kit and needs to be painted by yourself. Photos are for reference and only a depiction of how the car may look after painting.

  • Package total weight: 2700.00 grams (incl. packaging)
  • Package size: 22.00 x 56.00 x 24.00cm
  • Factory description: Team Raffee Co. TRC-D110 Defender Station Wagon Hard Plastic Body Kit - 1 Set
  • Manufactured by Team Raffee Co.
  • Manufacturer number: TRC/302214


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