FURITEK Stinger Brushless Power System with Receiver for CR18P EVO

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Introducing the Furitek STINGER brushless power system for Hobbyplus CR18P EVO, the system includes the Micro Komodo 1212 3450kv with lighter and smaller size yet very powerful at low speed but also more powerful and fast at high speed, a Lizard Pro esc and a micro receiver that is compatible to the stock Hobbyplus CR18P EVO radio. The motor is designed with high torque at low speed crawling and with a special firmware from the Lizard Pro ESC, this motor is super smooth without any cogging at both low and high speed operation. This power system is a complete drop-in combo for Hobbyplus CR18P EVO allowing a new brushless upgrade setup without having to change a new radio system.
With Furitek FURICAR mobile phone app and Bluetooth module, users can set up any parameters on the run without touching the truck, creating seamless adjustments for your favorite settings.

- A smaller and lighter brushless motor Micro Komodo for low C.G. setup same like stock
- High performance and powerful 30A/50A brushless ESC with FOC technology
- Bluetooth module for wireless connection
- Precision CNC aluminum motor mount for better holding motor in place.
- Precision CNC brass pinion for long-lasting operation
- Powerful at low speed but also more powerful and fast at high speed
- High torque at low speed crawling
- Super smooth without any cogging at both low and high speed operation¬
- Offer a complete brushless upgrade system to work with Hobbyplus CR18P EVO radio
- Lifetime FREE firmware upgrade!

Package includes:
- 1 x LIZARD PRO 30A/50A BRUSHED/BRUSHLESS ESC FOR Hobbyplus CR18P EVO       WITH FOC TECHNOLOGY with enclosing plastic case
- 1 x Built-in Bluetooth module
- 1 x Micro Komodo 1212 3450KV brushless motor
- 1 x 11T 0.3M CNC Steel Pinion
- 1 x CNC aluminum motor mount
- 1 x Micro receiver which is compatible to stock Hobbyplus CR18P EVOradio

Motor Features and Specs
- 12 Pole hi-torque motor design.
- Super thin (0.2 mm) stator laminations---lower eddy losses---maximizes efficiency.
- Japansese NMB --High RPM ABEC5 bearings.
- Precision balanced rotor, smoothness for best reliability and maximum RPM.
- CNC machined 6061 T6 billet aluminum heatsink can.
- Precision engineered for maximum energy conversion.
- High purity and higher temperature single copper windings, lower copper losses,
  very good heat dissipating, maximizes efficiency.

- KV (RPM/Motor) – 3450
- No-load current @10V – 0.7A
- Watt – 120W
- Battery – 2-3S
- Resistance – 0.16 Ohms
- Max Current – 10A
- Slot/Pole – 12
- Motor size (mm) – 15.5x20.6
- Shaft (mm) – 1.5x6
- Weight (g) – 17.5

ESC Features and Specs
- Support sensorless brushless DC and brushed DC motor (config via app, default is      brushless)
- FOC (Field-oriented control) technology
- Plug & Play designed for Hobbyplus CR18P EVO crawlers
- 5V/ 6.5V 2.5A Built-in BEC (config via app)
- Support 2S-3S lipo battery
- Mini size and lightweight
- Super easy programming via App on both Android and IOS
- Firmware update available (Bluetooth module required)
- Real-time telemetry up to 10Hz
- Ability to run with stock TX/RX or any other TX/RX

- Support 2S-3S lipo battery
- BIG BEC: 5V or 6.5V 2.5A (No additional BECs necessary when using big Servos)
- Constant current: 30A
- Burst current: 50A
- Built-in power switch
- Built-in bluetooth module
- Dimension (mm): 28(L)x 15.5(W)
- Weight: 3.7 gram




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