Boom Racing Rear Leaf Spring Kit for BRX01 & BRX02 for BRX01

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  • This is a set of Rear Leaf Spring Kit which fits BRX01 and BRX02.

    The leaf spring unit has a master leaf and three graduated leaves for adjustability. The leaves have an all-new shape design and use new proprietary steel material for durability and strength. You may use up to four leaves for adjusting the rebound strength.

    The Aluminum Rear Shock Crossmember has multiple mounting positions for adjustments. For the BRX01, the original shocks can be used with this leaf spring conversion kit.

    Two Aluminum Anti-wrap Bars are included. Axle wrap is a problem that plagues leaf sprung vehicles, even in tiny trucks. It is unwanted suspension movement that allows the pinion angle to change, which can cause drivelines to bind and break. The bars will prevent this.

    Realistic shackle bolts for ultimate scale realism, are included.

    • 127mm eye-to-eye

    • Aluminum Rear Shock Crossmember #BRLC7064B (fits BRX01 only)
    • Rear Steel Leaf Spring Shackle #BRLC7064D
    • Rear Steel Leaf Spring Retainer #BRLC7064F
    • Master & Graduated Leaves (4 each) with Steel Leaf Channel (2) #BRLC7064A
    • Anti-wrap Bar #BRLC7064C
    • Spacers
    • Stainless Steel Bolts #BRLC7064E
    • Hardware

    • BRX01 (Rear Only)
    • BRX02 (Rear Only)

    Optional Parts:
    • Center Slider (Rear) for BRX01 Center Skid Plate #BRLC7072
    • Center Slider (Rear) for BRX01 with BRX02 #BRX020020 High Clearance Skid Plate #BRLC7080 (4.5mm clearance gain)
    • Center Slider (Front & Rear) for BRX01 with BRX02 #BRX020020LF High Clearance Skid Plate #BRLC7095 (6mm clearance gain)

    Installation Tip:
    The receiver box should be installed first. Use a long nose plier to hold the nut between the chassis and the receiver box.

    Note: the rear shock crossmember does not fit the BRX02.
  • Package total weight: 101.00 grams (incl. packaging)
  • Factory description: Boom Racing BRX01 Leaf Spring Conversion Kit
  • Manufactured by Boom Racing
  • Manufacturer number: BRLC7064


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