Boom Racing HUSTLER M/T Xtreme 1.9 MC2 Rock Crawling Tires 4.75x1.75 SNAIL SLIME™ Compound W/ 2-Stage Foams (Super Soft) [Recon G6 Certified] 2pcs

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  • Boom Racing continues to push the envelope on developing the next generation of extreme performance scale crawling tires. The new 1.9 XL HUSTLER M/TX does just that. The size is 4.75x1.75 ... and they dubbed it MC2 or Max Class 2. This new tire is based on the HUSTLER M/TX 4.45 design that was released in early 2017.

    The new tire has a long name - Boom Racing HUSTLER M/T Xtreme 1.9 4.75x1.75 Snail Slime compound Rock Crawler Tires W/ 2-Stage Foams (HUSTLER MC2). The long name is justified by the amount of tire technology all packed into one scale RC tire. While keeping the unique features of the original HUSTLER design, a few additional features can be found on the new HUSTLER MC2: Thicker tire carcass all around to hold the lugs better, giving drivers more control and better predictability. Larger lugs (approx 4.2mm) in proportion as compared to the smaller 4.45x1.57 tire size to hook up to all types of surfaces. Where other mainstream tires might find themselves struggling, the HUSTLER MC2 tire is designed to hook up on the toughest lines and do work for you. The lugs act as little claws and grab onto any surface they come in contact. With these tires there is less chances for drivers to look for alternative drive lines.

    A brand new 2-stage open/closed foam is developed and is included with the tires ... Boom Racing continues to deliver "the best bang for the buck" - the new cell foams have a thicker closed cell inner foam to maintain tire sidewall strength, and a soft outer open cell foam to let the tire sink into the surface. The HUSTLER MC2 is made for extreme all-around crawling in rocks, mud and sand.

    Tire compound used is Boom Racing's trusted proprietary rubber formula SNAIL SLIME™, which is a super sticky compound, providing excellent grip and traction suited for RC crawling. The rubber has good wear characteristics, even with the Super Soft compound, you can use them for extended amount of mileage without noticing much tire wear.

    The aggressive sidewalls give you strong side bite ability. Tread on the outer wall will grab onto ledges and shelves, even slick granite on just the sidewall.

    The tire will go through mud like no other with its self clean feature, and rock climbing capabilities is top notch. For example, the spaced out lug design help clear mud and sand out with just a blip of throttle.

    Super sticky SNAIL SLIME ™ compound providing great grip and traction.
    Self clean feature for sand and debris out of the tread to prevent caking in muddy trails.
    Sidewalls are reinforced on the inside for great side hill capabilities.
    Open-cell / closed-cell 2-stage foam prevents the tire from folding under pressure.
    Very tall and big lugs with deep sipes to grab rocks like gangbusters.
    Scale details on the tire like wear bars between the lugs and scale details on the tire face.
    The included 2-Stage open-cell/closed-cell foam combo provides the perfect factory setting for the HUSTLER tire.
    Dual Stage Open (Medium) Outer and Closed (Medium) Inner Foams

    Height 4.75" or 120mm
    Width 1.75" or 44.5mm

    2x HUSTLER M/T Xtreme MC2 crawler tires
    2x 2-Stage Open Cell (Medium) / Closed Cell (Medium) Foam Inserts
    2x Scale Tire Decal Sheet
    1x Decal Sheet

    Compound: Snail Slime™

    Made in Taiwan

    Foam Options:
    Single Stage Open Cell Foam Inserts BRTR39002
    Standard Dual Stage Open (Medium) / Closed (Medium) Cell Foam Inserts BRTR29002
    Dual Stage Open (Medium) / Closed (Hard) Cell Foam Inserts BRTR29002/H

  • Package total weight: 260.00 grams (incl. packaging)
  • Package size: 14.00 x 25.00 x 5.00cm
  • Factory description: Boom Racing HUSTLER 4.75 M/TX 1.9 Max Class 2 Rock Crawling Tires (Snail Slime™ Compound) W/ 2-Stage Foams (Super Soft)
  • Manufactured by Boom Racing
  • Manufacturer number: BRTR19002


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