Boom Racing 1/10 4WD Scale Performance Chassis Kit Link Version For Team Raffee Co. D110 for BRX02

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  • *Update: all BRX02 Link chassis now come with 6mm aluminum rails instead of carbon fiber rails*

    The Scale Performance Continues

    The BRX02 is Boom Racing's latest top-of-the-line scale performance off-road chassis. It is the result of continuous development and improvement of the highly-rated BRX01, developed in close collaboration with many scale hobbyists around the world. With the BRX02, you can expect to build an ultra-realistic R/C model vehicle that gives you great performance straight out of the box.

    This chassis fits the Team Raffee Co. D110 Station Wagon and Pick-Up hard bodies.

    All BRX02 come with a pair of unique UK license plates that are numbered which matches the chassis number, on a first-come-first-served basis.

    The BCF2™ Transmission and the SRD™ Transfer Case in the BRX02 require assembly.

    Features Highlight:
    • Transmission: BCF2™ 2-speed Hi-Lo, Remote Shifting
    • Transfer Case: SRD™ Anti-Torque Twist w/ Selective Rotational Drive (SRD)
    • Aluminum 6mm Chassis Rails for strength, and durability
    • BRX90 High Pinion PHAT™ Axle w/ AR44 Keyed Helical Cut HD Gears
    • KUDU™ 90mm Scale Coilover Shock Absorbers
    • KUDU™ Heavy-Duty 110-130mm Steel CVD Drive Shafts
    • Quick-Release System designed for a quick and easy way to attach and detach the body
    • Design ready for Internal Servo Winch Kit to be mounted
    • 1.9" 16-Hole Steelie Beadlock Wheels
    • 1.9" MAXGRAPPLER™ 97x32mm GEKKO Compound
    • High clearance aluminum links to clear bigger obstacles
    • High clearance skid plate for superior crawling capability
    • Centralized chassis weight and drivetrain layout to keep the left and right sides equally balanced
    • Adjustable Chassis-Mounted-Servo (CMS) Mount
    • Complete high performance Rubber Sealed Bearings
    • High Grade 12.9 Alloy Steel Nickel Plated Screws



    • Length: 528mm / 20.79"
    • Width: 220mm / 8.66"
    • Height: 148mm / 5.83"
    • Wheelbase: 334mm / 13.15"
    • Track Width: 185mm / 7.28"
    • Axle Clearance: 28mm / 1.10"
    • Skid Clearance: 66mm / 2.60"
    • Weight: 2373g / 5.23lbs
    • Shock Length: 90mm / 3.54"
    • Hex Size: 12mm
    • Motor Size: 540/550 (not included)
    • Gear Pitch: 32P Pinion/Spur, 48P T-Case
    • Drive System: Full-Time Shaft Driven 4WD
    • Steering: Chassis Mounted Servo Suspension: Front 3 Link Panhard and Rear Triangulated 4 Link



    • Full-time shaft driven 4WD
    • Innovative pinion-spur gear mesh guide for precision setup
    • Heavy-duty steel cut gears
    • SRD™ Anti-Torque Twist T-Case reduces chassis torque twist under acceleration, and choose between counter-rotational setup and standard setup
    • KUDU™ Heavy Duty 110-130mm Steel Center Drive Shafts

    Mini Servo Specifications:
    • Brand: JX Servo
    • Model: JX/PDI-HV1151MG
    • Working voltage: 6V~8.4V
    • Working temperature: -20C°~ +60C°
    • Dead band: 4usec
    • Motor type: Core Motor
    • Signal booster type: Digital
    • Gear material: Metal gear
    • Operating Speed: 0.12s/60deg (6.0V) | 0.10s/60deg (8.4V)
    • Stall Torque: 3.5kg/cm (6.0V) | 4.5kg/cm (8.4V)
    • Idle Current: 150mA (6.0V) | 180mA (8.4V)
    • Load Current: 260mA (6.0V) | 340mA (8.4V)
    • Size: 23.2 x 12.5 x 25.6mm
    • Weight: 15g
    • Tooth Count: 25
    • Wire length: 310mm JR plug
    • Black: Negative Red: Positive White: Signal

    What's Included:
    • BRX02 1/10 4WD Scale Performance Chassis Kit Link Version BR8004
    • JX Waterproof Mini Servo with Metal Gears
    • 32 Pitch 12T Steel Pinion Gear
    • 25T Low Profile Aluminum Servo Horn
    • Maintenance Kit (Shock Oil, Black Grease, Siliking Grease, Thread Lock)
    • Cable Wiring Retainer Set (18pcs)
    • BRX02 Custom Unique License Plates (Numbered) with Chassis VIN# Plate
    • Basic Tool Kit

    Equipment Required:

    • Body (Team Raffee Co. D110 Pick-Up #TRC/302215 or Station Wagon #TRC/302214)
    • 3 Channel Radio System
    • ESC (electronic speed control)
    • Steering Servo
    • 540 or 550 Motor (27T for off-road / 35T for crawling matched with provided 12T pinion gear)
    • Battery
    • Charger
    • Tools

    What's A Bolt-On Kit?

    Parts of the chassis components are pre-assembled. The factory-assembled parts offer convenience for builders eager to get started.

    The BRX02 kit includes factory pre-built axles. Shocks require oil to be filled (included).

    BRX02 Owners Club

    Similar to the BRX01 owners club, as an owner of the BRX02 kit, you are eligible to receive a special promotion at each of the events being attended by Boom Racing.

    Register your vehicle directly on the manufacturer's website.

    Once your vehicle is registered online, the chassis is officially registered to you and no one else can claim it. This will help with recalls, scheduled maintenance, any updates, and can be used to notify you of new options in the future.

    All BRX02 chassis kits are numbered and include a VIN#. The Car No. matches the number on the BRX02 License Plates. No two chassis will ever have the same License Plate.

  • Package total weight: 3628.00 grams (incl. packaging)
  • Package size: 23.00 x 56.00 x 14.00cm
  • Factory description: Boom Racing BRX02 1/10 4WD Scale Performance Chassis Kit 4-Link Version For Team Raffee Co. D110
  • Manufactured by Boom Racing
  • Manufacturer number: BR8004


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