Arrows 600mm Hawkeye RTF

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Modern beginner pilots are often faced with a daunting task: learning to fly in a limited space without an instructor. For these pilots, Arrows has the answer! Introducing the Arrows 600mm Hawkeye - a micro bush-plane with BIG performance!

As a proper "all-rounder", the Hawkeye has a classic high-winged back-pushing design — allowing for predictable handling characteristics. The pre-installed ESC and flight control system eliminates the need for complicated wiring harnesses and setup. Switch between stabilized and optimized gyro flight modes and the Hawkeye will suit pilots of any skill level. In addition, unless the aircraft is completely upside down, it is almost impossible to damage the back-pushing propeller.

Robust EPP foam construction allow for rough-field operations — just install the wing onto the fuselage with the plastic knobs, plug in the battery, let the gyro calibrate and fly!

Any skill level
Any terrain
Look no further than the 600mm Hawkeye.

8620-53000 high-speed low-loss coreless motor
Integrated receiver and flight controller with stabilized and optimized flight modes
Included 3.7V 380mAh 20C battery
Take off by hand and land on the belly
Easy to control, remarkable stability
Ready to fly package includes everything you need to start flying (4 AA batteries for transmitter not included)
Robust EPP foam construction

Wingspan: 600mm (23.6in)
Length: 455mm (17.9in)
CG (Center of Gravity): 30-40mm from leading edge
Power System: 8620-KV53000 coreless motor
Electronic Speed Control:I ntegrated gyro, receiver and ESC
Propeller / EDF: 65mm, 2-blade
Servos: 1.9g servo x 1, 3.7g servo x 1
Required Battery: 3.7V 380mAh 20C with Molex connector
Ailerons: Yes
Elevator: Yes
Material: EPP Foam
Skill Level: Beginner
Gyro: Vector


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