ROCHOBBY 1/18 Mogrich Yellow Rusted Mod RTR RC Truck

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1. Please note that the picture on the box and manual depict the standard Mogrich, but the modded version will be inside.
2. The Mogrich modified version has been modded by hand. It's hard to avoid a few slight flaws. Please keep this in mind when ordering.

Inside the box

1 battery 2S LIPO 7.4v 380 mAh

1 product manual

1 remote control

1 USB charger


Meet Mogrich

On farms, in woods, across fields all over the world, Mogrich reigns supreme.

Loosely based on another famous Mog, this four-wheel-drive truck packs a whopping punch. Mogrich is a versatile and reliable farming vehicle with all-terrain capabilities. Trucks of this type were especially popular from 1950 to 1980 for farming in wooded areas and vineyards thanks to their diminutive size and excellent directional stability, perfect for weaving through trees and over thick vegetation. They later became a favorite of the military for emergency services and construction. A little truck with a lot of heart!


Unique Design Features

High ground clearance

The 40mm ground clearance gives Mogrich excellent off-road qualities, enabling it to negotiate muddy and rocky terrains with ease. It also gives the truck a unique and eccentric appearance.

Multi-purpose tires

New to the market, Mogrich’s tires have coarse and solid tread patterns, giving it tremendous grip on rocks, mud and sand.

Four-link suspension with front and rear travel

The bouncy four-link suspension, combined with the high ground clearance nicely cushions those hard landings off bricks and steep edges.


A Big Personality

Mogrich stands out not only for its performance, but also its bouyant personality. With its lights and mirror set up, and the cheerful pea-green paint job, it will no doubt put a big smile on your face.

  • Widened mirrors and waders.
  • Two orange warning lights on the roof.
  • Working headlights and indicators.
  • Openable hood for convenient battery replacement.
  • Beautiful interior with leather seats visible through the windows.
  • Rear cargo compartment that opens on all three sides for loading convenience.
  • Pea-green paint job.
  • The actual cargo floor and three sides of the door panels are made of wood, and a fine pattern is carefully carved into the model to simulate the texture of wood.


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