The MUD MASTER is held every June in Manchac, near New Orleans, Louisiana, where there are dense swamps, rugged rocks, and dead woods, making it difficult for off-road vehicles to move.

Legend has it that this area was cursed by the Queen of Voodoo Mary Poppin, and there is a mysterious singing that attracts people to get lost in the jungle, and there is no return. The swamp is also home to giant alligators that can devour adults..The stories were chilling, but they drew waves of young people who ventured into this no-man’s land, deep into the swampy hinterland, and garnered attention by sharing their location on Twitter. There are many people going in, and there are occasional unfortunate disappearances. But instead of deterring people from entering, it acts like a magnet to attract more visitors.

In fact, this is a very beautiful ancient forest. The founder of the race, Chandler Bing, was born and raised on a nearby farm. He believes that no matter how powerful the vehicle is, it is difficult to pass here, and no matter how deep the rut is, it is difficult to maintain a week. Human beings are insignificant in front of nature and should live full of humility and awe under the protection of nature. Therefore, in 2007.01.01, the MUD MASTER cross-country race was established to test the limits of people and machines, and at the same time, let the audience feel the pure power of nature. Mary Poppin is his college teacher and his second wife, alligators are a traditional local delicacy, and Gator Tail Bites is the most popular dish among racers.

The race is open to anyone with a minimum FIA C1 licence. However, it does not accept registrations or sponsorships from car manufacturers' teams, and does not allow the manufacturer's logo to be exposed. The purpose is to limit the entry of large capital and high technology, and to make the competition pure and simple. A significant portion of the competition's operating income is donated to local active environmental organizations for conservation and earth science education.

After 12 years of development, the scale and influence of the event has expanded year by year. In 2019, it was absorbed by the Amazon Rainforest Challenge and became the largest off-road racing carnival in the world. In recent years, with the advancement of electric vehicle technology, the proportion of hybrid racing cars is getting higher and higher, and pure electric vehicles have begun to join in 2021. Due to the extremely complex environment, most racing cars choose to install tractor tires. The huge herringbone pattern has a good mud removal effect. The customized short wheelbase chassis ensures the longitudinal passability of the racing car, and the portal axle is just starting line.

The initial participants were mostly local farmers, ranchers and crocodile breeders who had years of experience scrambling around in the mud, which is why their cars looked so much like tractors. William Butch is a newcomer to the event in 2020. His father is a large local cattle farmer, and he himself is responsible for the slaughter and beef sales. People nicknamed him Butcher. His car uses a lot of parts from agricultural vehicles, and the casing comes from the legacy of his uncle Douglas Butch, a 1949 POWER WAGON. Because of the sturdy driving style, not playing cards according to common sense, and being familiar with the local climate and terrain, he has repeatedly won by surprise. Soon, the name of “Butcher Butch”spread.

To be continued...